Showtime Boxing needed an idea that promoted the big Floyd Mayeather-Conor McGregor fight to two different audiences: Boxing fans and UFC fans. And the data showed these audiences and communities couldn’t be more divided. However, looking at the same data, we also saw a cultural overlap in subversive art.


Enter acclaimed street artist Tristan Eaton And Facebook Live.


Over the course of an hour, Tristan told the story of the two fighters by screen-printing 14 independent layers of paint onto a canvas custom-made for the screen size of mobile phones.


Meanwhile, to keep people watching and engaged, an API-enabled graphic overlay displayed a new trivia question every 3 minutes, with the first person to answer correctly in the comments winning a signed and numbered poster from Tristan Eaton himself.


Once the final poster was revealed, the LIVE video had reached 1.5 million people with the audience comprised of 42% UFC fans and 58% as Boxing fans and a unique Facebook Live performance art piece found common ground between two disparate entertainment communities.